Kickstart-Stuck in Nylons
2 Office Girls getting Kickstart-Stuck in River
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Model nameGina, Rosena
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DescriptionTwo sexy office girls, Gina and Rosena, very professionally dressed in white blouse and black skirt and pants, and dark office shoes call it an early day. Why work if the weather is so nice? As they get to their bike * a Honda TMX * the bike feels lazy too. The girls must kickstart it hard, many times, and to the enjoyment of the bystanders! But their luck does not seem to last long as after a short drive new engine problems emerge. The two ladies must kickstart again and again. When, after all their hard attempts, they finally reach the bridge, the unthinkable has happened. The bridge is washed away by the last storm. Where to go? They go where every man would but not every woman should! Through the sand and the creek. Watch how they push their bike through the sand, try to ride through the creek, and ultimately get stuck! Enjoy great views of Gina*s legs and nylons and appreciate the wonderful views of Ginas panty as she kickstarts. Made possible by the special cam!
Keywordshard, strong, kickstart, TMX, Honda, engine, problem, sexy, office, nylon, panty, leg, white blouse, black skirt, push, stuck, sand, creek, water, dirty, ride, nylons
User: cza......2012-02-09 11:03:50 -- Comment: good
User: mike.....2014-02-08 03:54:21 -- Comment: Really a fantastic hair raising trip!!!



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