Drive into the river
Live HD driving and stuck shots
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Model nameGina, Angel
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DescriptionWipers on but no rain, trying to turn but no space, a river and yes, straight into it! The angle for this HD shot is unique. From the side of the car, you look over the models shoulder onto steering wheel and dashboard. When Gina turns her heard you see her somewhat panicked and confused looks. And when the car is stuck in the mud, we see Gina attempting to rescue it. Can she lift it? Of course the scenes clip could also be shot with facial shots from the dashboard or both. The possibilities are endless. So what is your favorite angle?
Keywordstwo girls, stuck, water, river, mud, wiper, dashboard, shoulder, lift, unstuck, drive, turn, car, van, pull, truck
User: rolf.....2010-10-17 18:15:35 -- Comment: great ...
User: dr.s.....2010-10-18 02:33:38 -- Comment: WOW! You made new style for PP! She sure not paid her clothes when she can go in water to say goodbye to flats :)
User: Wolf.....2010-12-30 08:50:03 -- Comment: Nice! A new dimension! Will follow what hapens next!
User: shak.....2011-01-09 04:10:16 -- Comment: not bad!!!
User: exte.....2011-03-25 16:35:52 -- Comment: good angle of the camera.
User: xuj7.....2011-09-24 11:17:41 -- Comment: that's wonderful!!



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