No Way Out
by Chloe Creations
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Model nameChloe
Length (min)8
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ProducerChloe Creations
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DescriptionChloe is driving along in her stick shift Acura Integra leaving a party. She is in her sexy strappy sandals and party dress. She makes a wrong turn, and finds a place to turn around in. It is a muddy area, and soon, she starts to spin her wheels in the muddy mess. She is slipping and sliding everywhere in the mess. She gives the car lots of gas, but it just ends up spraying mud all over the place. We watch her muddy mess from both the outside of the car, and we see her footwork on the pedals. It*s a mud flinging mess! Will she ever get her car out of it??
Keywordsmud stuck, pedal pumping, spinning wheels, Chloe Creations, PumpingPedalscom
User: abi1.....2013-07-02 23:14:38 -- Comment: its dont have preview clip
User: dani.....2013-07-07 04:12:31 -- Comment: i want buy this movie iwant this movie
User: uzai.....2014-03-04 13:07:53 -- Comment: how to download??
User: jdur.....2015-07-26 23:11:46 -- Comment: Hey
User: JimP.....2015-08-21 00:25:53 -- Comment: it sure would be nice to see a preview of this video to see if it is what I want to buy.



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