Jovelyn getting lost in River
Jovelyn getting lost in River
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Model nameJovelyn
Weathersuuny 38 C
Length (min)7:15
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DescriptionHer body more beautiful than the bike, sexy Jovelyn is riding home from last nights party. High heels and a sexy short dark dress. But the way home is tricky, she must cross a river. And there it happens, inexperienced Jovelyn gets her bike stuck. Enjoy the water and exhaust as she revs the engine trying to free the bike. The cost is high, her dress gets wet, her high heels sink into the river sand, and her legs are covered with mud. Clumsily pushing the bike out, she falls, and the bike tips, but the view on her round sexy butt is priceless. Very seductive. Will some high heel kickstarts revive the bike and get her home? Short clip with a little bit of everything, kickstart, revving, high heels, even upskirt panty views from the distance. Not a must own film, but a cute one.
Keywordsbike, motorcycle, high heels, feet, dress, party, dark, short, panty, stuck, spin, wheel, rev, revving, exhaust, water, splash, fall, tip, wet, sink, mud, push, fall, kickstart, kick



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