School Girl Brake Failure
No shoes no brake
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Model nameTresha
Weathersunny 36 C
Length (min)14:42
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ProducerPedal Asia Girls
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DescriptionA schoolgirl on the way home to her remote village. It has been a long day and Treshas tender feet hurt. After some time the shoes become too uncomfortable and she takes them off, continuing to drive barefoot. Nice pedal scenes in this clip. Well, the road gets rough and Tresha must brake, but the car does not seem to respond. BRAAAKE! Too late. Treshas brake failed again! The car hits bottom and sits on the rocks. As Tresha clears the road, her skirt is lifted by the wind and offers an interesting view.
Keywordsbrake, clutch, gas, accelerator, pedal, pump, pedalpumping, hit, press, push, step, sexy, schoolgirl, confuse, mix up, clear, rock, hit bottom, slow down, wind, blow, lift, view, nervous, barefoot, pa
User: Eric.....2012-11-03 13:42:45 -- Comment: Is there many shifting scenes showing her using the clutch pedal as she drives barefoot?
User: txdr.....2012-11-03 14:31:43 -- Comment: wow This is by far the best from Tresha! I love this Pinay for being such a natural. More from her. Salamat :-)
User: jayz.....2013-03-26 03:38:44 -- Comment: Looks good
User: caoy.....2014-08-08 09:40:41 -- Comment: Like to see her looking at her feet!
User: huan.....2015-04-14 00:55:02 -- Comment: wow that looks great



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