Problems with downloading your clip?  Check our answers below:


Problem - Download gets interrupted during data transmission

One of the most common reasons for interruption during download is the internet connection itself.



Interruption of the internet connection is a common phenomena for wireless (mobile phone) networks but also occurs frequently with router based wireless networks.  These systems are notorious for dropping internet connections, often only for fractions of a second, but nevertheless occasionally long enough for your download to get interrupted.

Normally, the internet connection is automatically reestablished and you may never notice anything at all, but sometimes these interruptions can be long enough for the download to be dropped.



When your download gets dropped, you should still have your download webpage open (it specifically says on the download page NOT to navigate away until the download is successfully completed).  All you have to do is to click the Download Button again and a new download attempt begins.



Contact our support team who will try to help you as soon as possible.  However, remember that we are only a small website and cannot offer 24 hour service.  So it may take several days for us to get back to you.


Problem - Download does not start

One of the most common reasons for a download not to start are your browser settings on your computer.


Cause and Solution:

A dialog window pops up

Before the download begins a small dialog window should open up on your screen that asks you where to save to file.  Select the folder on your desktop in which you want to save your movie and click OK.  The download begins and your clip will be saved at this location.


No dialog window pops up

Sometimes the browser is set to automatically save files that are downloaded in a specific location. This means all downloaded files including your movie are saved to this location, and therefore no dialog window will open when the download begins.  In other words the computer just starts to automatically save without asking, because your specific instructions are already in the browser's settings.  Hence, you may not notice that the computer is downloading and saving your movie clip.

All you need to do is to go to this folder on your computer and there you'll find your downloaded clip.


If your browser is not set to automatically save your movie file and you do not get a dialog window, your browser maybe set to automatically play the clip. This means your browser downloads your clip and then plays it automatically.  In this case you need to save your movie file first.  To do this, enter into your video player's menu and select the option Save As.  Choose the folder in which you want to save your movie file and click OK.  If you fail to save your movie file it cannot be found later.




If you cannot solve your download problem, try using a different browser.  Using a different browser often solves download issues.


Please note that 99% of the time download problems are related to your internet connection and the browser settings on your computer.  Only 1% of the errors are related to the website and host server.  The reason for this is obvious.  If there were a problem with the server where this website is hosted, you would not be able to see the website but instead get a white page with an error message.  In this case you would never be able to initiate a download in the first place, and hence also not receive an error associated with the download.

So please, check your browser settings first.  In 90% of the cases this will resolve your issue.  Another 9% are connection problems with your internet.

Level Member Area

  • To enter certain areas of our website, members need to have a specific number of credits in their account.

  • There is nothing you need to do.  Levels are assigned automatically based on the credits in your account.

  • The more credits you have in your account, the more areas of our site you can access.

Member Level

more than 100  Credits

more than 3000  Credits

more than 5000  Credits

more than 10000 Credits

more than 20000 Credits

more than 35000 Credits

How can I download movies?

  1. You must be logged in to download movies.
  2. After you have selected the movie you want to download, first make sure that your account has sufficient credits available.
  3. Your account balance is displayed in the upper right of the page.
  4. If you have insufficient credits, you need to buy additional credits first.
  5. The discount is displayed next to the original price and automatically applied.
  6. Click on the download button to started the file transfer.
  7. During the download process do NOT refresh the page, otherwise the download process will be interrupted.


Star Level Discount

Receive a discount on the purchase of your favorite movies!

The discount is determined by the number of credits in your account at the time of purchase.

Your applicable STAR LEVEL is displayed in the upper right corner of the page together with your login.

STAR Discount

more than 3000  Credits = Discount 0.5 %

more than 5000  Credits = Discount 1.0 %

more than 10000 Credits = Discount 1.5 %

more than 20000 Credits = Discount 2 %

more than 35000 Credits = Discount 5 %

How can I buy credits?

Credits can be bought by clicking on “Buy credits” and following the instructions.  If you need to buy more credits than the allowed maximum, please repeat your transaction, in other words make a new purchase.

How can I cash credits?

Credits can be cashed with a minimum of 1,000 credits.  Requests can be made at any time by clicking the link “Cash credits” but will only be paid out on the first business day of the month.  Only credits that have been earned through the sale of movies can be cashed.  If you uploaded a movie and accumulated the minimum 1000 points, please e-mail us to see if your preferred cash out option is available.

I cannot cash my credits?

You can only cash credits that you have earned through the sale of movies you uploaded and that have been downloaded by other users.  Bonus credits, coupon credits, credits you have bought, and other types of credits cannot be cashed.

Why is there a difference in credit conversion between buying credits and cashing credits?

The difference in credit conversion between buying and cashing credits accounts for the fees we are charged per transaction by our payment providers.

Do my credits expire?

Yes, credits expire after 24 months.  However, this rule is currently not enforced.

How many credits do I earn when my movie is downloaded by other users?

Your account will be credited with 80% of the amount that you entered as the asking price for your movie.

Need Documents or any other Verification to sell Movie and make Payouts ?

BIG NO ! We dont ask for any verification or documents !!

We are one of the only Websites, allowed sell and payout anonym !

How can I upload videos?

You must be logged in to upload movies.  Browse and enter into the movie category for which your movie is most appropriate.  A description of the category can be found on the top of the page after you entered the category.  Click on the little upload icon in the upper right hand corner next to the category description, and follow the 8 simple steps.

What information do I need to before I begin to upload?

Please note that even though you will be able to skip certain steps, complete movie uploads and descriptions will attract the greatest user interest.  Please select the correct movie resolution for your video clip.

Information that is required for a movie upload is

  • Movie itself
  • Movie subtitle
  • At least one preview picture
  • Movie title
  • Short description of the movie (max. 200 Characters)
  • Price in credits (you will receive 80% of these credits when your movie is downloaded, i.e., if you ask for 1000 credits you will receive 800 credits for each download of your movie)
  • Movie length in minutes
  • Languages (e.g., Spanish, English)
  • Movie producer
  • Model name
  • Movie resolution (PAL 320, PAL 1040, …) (for how to find this see below)

Information that is optional for a movie upload is

  • Additional preview pictures
  • Detailed description of the movie (max. 1000 Characters)
  • Keywords
  • Movie version
  • Weather
  • Homepage
  • Licensing agreement for customers and if the customer must agree to this licensing agreement

What is the maximum movie length?

There is no maximum movie length, you can upload any movie length.

What is the maximum file size?

The maximum file size to upload is 1100 MB.  For larger file sizes please ask us.

Which file formats are supported for videos and pictures?

Accepted file formats for

  • movies are: *.wmv, *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.mp4, *.avi, *.mov, *.flv, *.3gp, *.divx
  • movie previews are: *.flv, *.wmv
  • preview pictures is: *.jpg

Are there restrictions on the content I can upload to this website?

Yes, there are restrictions.  Posting illegal material including underage models or actors, material without copyright, pornographic material, material involving minors, and sexual actions with animals or animal cruelty in any form are prohibited.

What happens after I upload a movie in the first step?

After the first step of the upload process is complete (=movie upload) you will automatically be directed to the second step.  Beyond the second step, a clickable button is provided at the bottom of each page that allows you to proceed to the next step.

What happens after I complete the upload process?

All uploaded movies will be reviewed for approval by administration before they are made publicly accessible on the website.

How do I find the movie resolution of my video clip?

The format and resolution of your video clip can be found in your video/movie player or by right-clicking the video file and selecting properties.  Picture frequency of 29 corresponds to NTSC and of 25 corresponds to PAL.  HD is universal.  The resolution (frame width x frame height) is also displayed there.  When choosing the appropriate icon on our site, PAL/NTSC/HD refer to the format and the second number refers to the frame width.

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