How can I buy credits?

Credits can be bought by clicking on “Buy credits” and following the instructions.  If you need to buy more credits than the allowed maximum, please repeat your transaction, in other words make a new purchase.

How can I cash credits?

Credits can be cashed with a minimum of 1,000 credits.  Requests can be made at any time by clicking the link “Cash credits” but will only be paid out on the first business day of the month.  Only credits that have been earned through the sale of movies can be cashed.  If you uploaded a movie and accumulated the minimum 1000 points, please e-mail us to see if your preferred cash out option is available.

I cannot cash my credits?

You can only cash credits that you have earned through the sale of movies you uploaded and that have been downloaded by other users.  Bonus credits, coupon credits, credits you have bought, and other types of credits cannot be cashed.

Why is there a difference in credit conversion between buying credits and cashing credits?

The difference in credit conversion between buying and cashing credits accounts for the fees we are charged per transaction by our payment providers.

Do my credits expire?

Yes, credits expire after 24 months.  However, this rule is currently not enforced.

How many credits do I earn when my movie is downloaded by other users?

Your account will be credited with 80% of the amount that you entered as the asking price for your movie.

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